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Razor & Shaving Brush Stand

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Razor & Shaving Brush Stand (Razor Not Included)

Did you know that 2 billion disposable razors end up on landfills every year? You can become part of the solution of this wasteful problem by using a lifelong razor instead and our razor and brush stand are the perfect partner to our Razors For Life (Sold Separately).


Personal hygiene is a major contributor of landfill pollution. This is because manufacturers have long believed it is necessary to create single use products to maintain hygienic standards.


This is not true. It is perfectly possible to only use reusable and environmentally friendly products for your personal grooming. Not only is it possible, in many cases it is also more affordable.


How many razor blades do you go through in a month or a year? Wouldn’t you want to strike this pricey product off your shopping list?


Stop the plastic waste and be kinder to your own wallet by replacing the disposable razor with a lifelong stainless steel razor. Give yourself a little luxury in the bathroom with our razor and shaving brush stand.


Whether you are maintaining a full beard or prefer the clean shaven look, this is a product that will last you a lifetime. The non-corrosive materials are easy to keep hygienic while also giving you a closer shave.


Get the professionally groomed look from your own home. The combination of stainless steel and wood handles (available in several colours) represent a true eco-friendly gentleman.


This product is the perfect addition to the EcoBrite sustainable shaving kit. Combine it with the EcoBrite vegan shaving brush and shaving bowl for a complete zero waste shaving routine.

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