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About ecobrite

Because Saving the Planet, Shouldn't Have to Cost The Earth

These were the questions that used to run through our minds, as we watched our children taking their first steps only a few years ago. And surely, the little that we could afford was hardly going to change the world in a meaningful way... Was it? But in the same way as one instrument, joined by more and more becomes an orchestra, we realised that by taking the first step, we would be joining the revolution of small businesses all doing their bit to make the world we leave our children, a better world than it currently is. EcoBrite is our contribution.

We are passionate about eco-friendly products that are kind to the environment, and equally kind to your pocket

A husband and wife business, with two small children, and an environmentally aware teen. Children inspire in us the passion to make eco-friendly change affordable, so we can all help in making our earth healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable.

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