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Zero Plastic Toothpaste Tablets With Fluoride Vegan & Gluten Free.

We brush our teeth every day but have you ever thought about its impact on the environment? Most toothpaste tubes are made of a plastic and aluminium combination which cannot be recycled.


Just think about how many toothpaste tubes you use up in a year. They all end up on a landfill. Toothpaste tubes only decompose after 500 years.


So, this simple daily routine that takes up less than 5 minutes of our day has an effect that lasts 500 years.


How do we reduce our environmental impact while still maintaining good dental health? Zero plastic toothpaste tablets are a simple solution to a complicated problem.


This UK-produced alternative to toothpaste tubes is created in consultation with two certified dentists. Their involvement is to ensure that each tablet meets all the dental requirements necessary for healthy teeth and gums.


Each tablet contains fluoride and is made with vegan-friendly ingredients. The packaging is zero plastic and biodegradable so you are not adding anything to a landfill.


Using toothpaste tablets works a little differently than the traditional paste. Place the tablet in your mouth and start chewing on it with your front teeth to break it into little pieces.


The moisture also helps break down the tablet until it turns into a paste. Once it has the smooth consistency you can continue brushing with a regular (bamboo) toothbrush, as you normally would.


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight but simple replacements in your daily routine make a big difference.




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