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Reusable Make up Remover Cotton Pad Gift Set

Cotton pads are yet another product that we use almost daily without much thought. Who knew that such a basic simple product could do so much damage by adding to the landfill problem?

Make a simple change to the EcoBrite Makeup Remover Set And Use Again And Again Uptop 1,000 Times And Avoid Adding To Landfill.


 Soft As Silk cotton pads are made of bamboo fabric, perfect for those looking for eco friendly products. Bamboo cotton can be two times softer than Egyptian cotton. The fibres are naturally smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin. Ideal when looking for eco friendly gifts.

Healthy & Hygienic bamboo fabric doesn't cause allergic reactions, keeping your skin feeling fresh and clear. It’s perfect for people who experience reactions to synthetic fibres like polyester. The perfect partner for vegan makeup. A lot of our customers have reported that no chemicals required as water wipes makeup away. micellar cleansing water is a favorite of our customers.

Reusable & Easy To Clean, helping reduce your carbon footprint. They come with a laundry bag, which keeps your makeup pads safe while in the washing machine. Use this face cleaner over and over again.

This amazing set comes packed in one of our bright and biodegradable gift boxes and contains 16 pieces of 7cm 2-layer bamboo cotton terry pads (330gsm) and 2 10cm 4-layer bamboo cotton terry pads (330gsm).

In addition, our makeup remover pads come with a laundry bag for placing the pads in the washing machine for cleaning, as well as 200 bamboo cotton buds. These are all packaged in a recyclable gift box made in the UK.

Get Yours Now and not only save the planet but save 50% Off Our Normal Price

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