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Safety razors: everything you need to know...

July 07, 2020 3 min read

Safety razors: everything you need to know...

Safety razors: everything you need to know

When you are on the hunt for more eco-friendly choices in your life, it is likely that your attention will be drawn to your shaving routine.

Most of us have become used to buying plastic disposable razors from the supermarket that we put in the bin when they go blunt.

But people are waking up to this wasteful practice and turning their attention to more sustainable options.  Enter the safety razor.

What are safety razors?

Safety razors are a traditional style razor.  They have a detachable head that allows you to remove and replace the blade.

They come in a range of styles to suit your personal needs.  Although traditionally used by men, these razors have grown in popularity across the genders thanks to their eco-friendly credentials and fantastic shaving abilities.

What are the benefits of using a safety razor?

  1. Plastic-free

Safety razors are plastic-free.  Most styles are made from metal and may have a wooden handle.

  1. Last forever

If you care for your razor properly, there is no reason why it won’t last you the rest of your life.

  1. Low waste option

The blades are the only part of the razor that needs replacing.  The rest can be used again and again.

  1. Great shave

The safety razor achieves all the above whilst still providing a fantastic shaving experience.

How do you use a safety razor?

The main difference between safety razors and disposable razors is that you do not need to apply any additional pressure. 


The razors themselves are usually quite heavy and it is this weight that applies the pressure to achieve the shave.  Applying additional pressure can lead to cuts and nicks.


The general rules are:

  1. Prepare your skin

Make sure that your skin is wash, exfoliated and a good shaving foam or soap is applied.

  1. Use a sharp blade

A blunt blade can lead to skin irritation and damage.

  1. Use short strokes

Short careful strokes will give you more accuracy than trying to get the whole job done in one stroke.

  1. Go with the grain first

This will remove the majority of the hair.

  1. Re-lather and go against the grain

This will give you a good close shave.

  1. Rinse your face

Can I use a safety razor all over my body?

Yes, you can.  Safety razors are not just for the face.  They can be used on legs, armpits and anywhere else that needs a tidy up.

Use the same instructions as above and take your time when you first use it to learn how to use the razor with different parts of your body.

How do you change the blades?

This will depend on your razor, but most have a removable section at the top.  This might involve a screw, a clip, or an opening mechanism.

You will then be able to extract the old blade (be careful it will still be sharp) and insert a new one.

How often do you need to replace and buy new blades?

There are several factors that will determine how frequently you will need to replace your blades.  These are:

  1. Your hair

Thick course hair will dull the blade more quickly than fine hair.  This can vary over your body so depending on where you are using it, you may need to replace the blade more regularly.

  1. How frequently you shave

A daily shave will mean that you get through blades much faster than someone who just shaves once a week.

  1. The quality of the blades

Although all blades should be made from stainless steel, it doesn’t mean that they are all the same.  A higher quality blade will last you longer.

  1. Your shaving technique

Using a three-pass shaving technique (with grain, against grain and at 90 degrees) will give you a closer shave, but it will dull your blade more quickly.

  1. What you are shaving

Shaving your legs is a much larger surface area than the armpits.  Therefore, shaving larger areas will naturally dull your blade at an increased rate.

What other accessories do you need?

Along with your new eco-friendly safety razor, you may want to upgrade your shaving accessories too.

You can buy bamboo shaving brushes to help you lather up and natural shaving soap.  If you fancy it, you can swap the soap for whipped coconut oil which works particularly well.

Would you switch to a safety razor?

This is one of the easiest eco-friendly switches you can make.  You will reduce plastic pollution and still achieve wonderfully close shave.  It might even save you some money too.

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